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Hot Dog and Marshmallow Skewer

The Super Skewer “Stick” by Blackwell

The “Stick” is made of 300 series stainless steel (will not rust) with wood handle and cleans up easily. It’s design allows for efficient skewering of your hot dogs and marshmallows. The crank on the end makes it easy to hold the “stick” and turn your hot dogs or marshmallows while they are over the hot coals. The “stick” is the ultimate in backyard and camp fire roasting .

For the perfectly roasted marshmallow, the Super Skewer Stick by Blackwell is the only thing you need

To roast your marshmallows to perfection, just squeeze the tines together so both tines will skewer your marshmallow. Later, if you are roasting hot dogs, just bend the tines back into their original positions.

What makes the Super Skewer “Stick” by Blackwell the Best Hot Dog and Marshmallow Skewers on the market:

  • Quality construction using superior material…300 series Stainless Steel (will not rust) with a cedar wood handle
  • 36″ long with 26″ of “Stick” below the handle
  • The handle crank allows for easy rotational cooking
  • Heat dissipation coil on the shaft retains the majority of heat on the cooking end of the “Stick”
  • Reverse tines help prevent accidental injuries
  • Two tines per marshmallow helps prevent adding your marshmallow to the camp fire
  • Dead-center rotation of your marshmallow for roasting the perfect s’more
  • Cleans up easily with a scouring pad and water


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