• Non-stick, Stainless Steel Tines
  • Wooden Handles – No hot pads needed
  • Double Prongs – Food will not rotate
  • 19″ Long – Reach across the BBQ

The Super Skewer BBQ skewer has a crafted wooden handle and dual stainless steel tines. The Super Skewer’s design eliminates the need for hot pads when kabobing because the wooden handle eliminates heat transfer from the barbeque. The dual 19″ long stainless steel tines stop your kabobs from rotating on the skewer when being turned. The tines will not rust and are easy to clean, and the 19″ length allows you to remove your barbeque’s grills and shish kabob your food over the complete width of the standard barbeque – this gives more evenly distributed heat to your chicken, steak, shrimp, vegetables, or whatever you’re grilling.

  • Custom lengths available on request
  • Restaurant and Commercial pricing available
  • Made in the USA

Please contact us for pricing and delivery time.

The Super Skewer BBQ Skewer Story

Grill Time, LLC is a typical small business. For 20 years I have been making the Super Skewer cooking skewers for family and friends, and at one time or another they have all told me that I should make and market the Super Skewer. So finally, that is what I am doing. The Super Skewer is manufactured in Salem, Oregon, USA. Contact (503) 551-2115.

Super Skewer

Super Skewer